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I am Loved - SJ Strum x Betty Bramble Collection

We are thrilled to announce a collaborative partnership with SJ Strum and the late Naomi Adams to bring an empowering collection of sweatshirts and hoodies that spread positivity and self-confidence.

The ‘I am Loved Collection’ features carefully curated positive affirmations on the inside of the sleeve, facing the wearer not emblazoned across the front for others.  So you can wear them on days you need the reminder, and gift them to friends as a sign of support.

Betty Bramble, SJ Strum and Naomi Adams worked together for two years to bring this collection to life. It was Naomi's passion project whilst going through chemo and while she didn't get well enough in life to release them, we'll do it in her honour.

To read more about the background and legacy of the project click here.