Will a Betty Bramble footmuff fit my pushchair?

Our footmuffs have a 'universal' design which means they fit most makes of pushchair. For example they perfectly fit a Bugaboo, iCandy, Baby Jogger, Quinny and many others.

There are twelve slots in each cosy toes for you to choose to pass your pushchair harness straps through. This means you can be sure the harness will sit neatly with the footmuff.

If you’re unsure whether our cosy toes will fit your pushchair we recommend you carefully measure your buggy. A Betty Bramble footmuff is 110cm long and 50cm wide (at the widest part just above the seat). Please click here to check the dimensions in more detail.

Can I use my footmuff all year round?

Yes! Our footmuffs have been designed so you can fully or partially remove the apron, so you have a pushchair/buggy liner for the Summer months.

Where is my Betty Bramble designed and made?

Our design studio is based in London, England. At the studio we perfect the design of our products including our personalised gifts and the ultimate, luxury footmuff and select fabrics from around the world to create our distinctive and stylish cosy toes.

Our manufacturing also takes place in Britain. The UK has a rich heritage in textile manufacturing, with world leading skills and production expertise. Betty Bramble is committed to British manufacturing.

Click here to read more about why we’ve chosen to manufacture in Britain.

What safety standards do you adhere to?

We take safety very seriously at Betty Bramble. All our products and footmuffs meet the relevant legislation and regulations, and in most cases exceed them.

Will my Betty Bramble footmuff be waterproof?

Unfortunately our footmuffs are not waterproof. We have searched high and low and, as yet, have not found any beautiful fabrics which are both suitable for a footmuff and waterproof.

However, are footmuffs do use lovely thick wadding so it is unlikely your little ones would get wet in a shower.

The fabrics have all been rigorously tested to ensure they are colourfast and won't run in the rain.

How do I wash my footmuff?

Our footmuffs are all fully machine washable and washing instructions are included. To ensure your footmuff retains its lovely vibrant colours we recommend you use two 'colour catchers' in the washing machine. Colour Catchers are available in most large supermarkets.

What are your delivery, returns and cancellation policies?

Please click the following links to see our policies.

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