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Mother's Day Guide for 2020

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020

Mother's Day is a special day to celebrate all the mum's and mother figures in our lives.  At Betty Bramble we've created a little gift guide full of our favourite treats, that we'd love to receive.  You may notice they all have a gorgeous metallic theme, perfect for the luxe feel!

1. Monogrammed bag from Stripy Giraffe - gorgeous personalised leather bag, £70, www.stripygiraffe.co.uk

2. Art Print from Bookishly - personalised map of the stars in blush pink and gold, from £39, www.bookishly.co.uk

3. Necklace from Chambers & Beau - 'Say My Name’ Necklaces gold plated and sterling silver, from £90, www.chambersandbeau.com

4. Initials Wire Keepsake from The Letter Loft - stunning initials and heart wire sign, £20 www.theletterloft.co.uk

5. Keyring from Koko Blossom - personalised Leather Heart Keyring and passport cover from £20, www.kokoblossom.co.uk

6. Notebook from Martha Brook - personalised soft foiled notebook, from £12.95, www.marthabrook.com

7. Tote Bag from Tillyanna - personalised dalmatian print canvas shopper, £40, www.Tillyanna.co.uk

8. Travel Cup from Becky Broome - personalised rose gold travel cup, £26, www.beckybroome.com

9. Mama Sweatshirt from Betty Bramble - rose gold ladies sweatshirt, £27, from www.BettyBramble.co.uk

We hope that gives you a few ideas, a may be a useful guide to send onto your partners!

Lots of Love, Abi x

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