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Betty Bramble is passionate about manufacturing in the UK.

We are proudly committed to supporting England’s textile manufacturing heritage. Britain has a historic reputation for creating quality products that are the envy of the world.

We always design our products in Britain and go to great lengths to manufacture as much as we can in this country.  We create over 95% of the Betty Bramble range in the UK and only source from overseas when there is no other option.  The very few products that have been made overseas are clearly marked in the product description.

By making as many of our products as possible in England we have built strong relationships with our manufacturers, being hands-on with the details and making sure everything created is of the very best quality.

Betty Bramble strongly believe in helping sustain and evolve the vast skill base of the textile industry in Britain.   In this country we have a wealth of superbly skilled manufacturers which have helped us create a truly beautiful collection proudly made in Britain.

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